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A wine tasting day can be equal parts fun and overwhelming - especially if you’ve never been before. The first time I went to Temecula I asked myself “why didn’t anyone tell me that” at least a dozen times. After a few - or quite a few - times going on a day trip to wine taste in Temecula I have it down to a science. Everything from my favorite wineries to the best sources of transportation, I have my go-tos and my absolute do-not’s. Here are my tips and tricks to making the most of your wine tasting day in Temecula.

Must See Wineries

Somerset Winery

Somerset is a great place to start the day. It’s a smaller winery with a great patio seating area that gives both rustic and chic vibes. Not only does Somerset give you a unique small winery experience, but the staff there is the sweetest. We purchased our wine tasting tickets and they kindly threw in a tour of their barrel room. Not only did we get a chance to see a ton of aging wine but we also learned some history about the wine making process. For someone who loves any excuse to learn a little bit more, this was a perfect start to my day - let them know you’re interested in a quick tour when you get there! The cost will always vary depending on the season and the day of the week that you’re going but I found the price to be reasonable - less than $25 at the time of writing this.

Monte De Oro Winery

Monte De Oro is a much larger winery. The indoor side of the winery has two bar tops and plenty of standing room in the center. When you walk in you’re greeted with a floor to ceiling wall of windows that overlook their fountain and patio area. WIth plenty of places to sit outdoors, chances are you’ll be able to find a table with a perfect view of the vineyards for lunch - and after two winery tastings, I highly suggest a good lunch. Monte De Oro offers a great selection of appetizers, salads, pizzas, and sandwhiches to pair with your wine and get you ready for your next winery. The cost here varies again based on season and day but I found this pricing to be reasonable - less than $20 for wine tastings at the time of writing this.

Callaway Winery

Callaway is picture perfect. This is where we always like to end our day. WIth amazing views of the vineyard and picture perfect spots all around the property, sunset is our favorite time to get here - golden hour to be exact. Callaway offers a grassy area to sit down, stand around and drink your fair share of wine with friends. I love their wines but I adore their vibes. The cost here - once again - varies based on season and day but I found their pricing to be reasonable - less than $25 at the time of writing this.

Bonus: Maurice’s Kitchen

If you’re a hard core cheese fan - aren’t we all? - then I couldn’t suggest Maurice’s Kitchen fast enough. They do offer a small selection of wine tastings but I go strictly for their baked brie - yes, you read that right. Not only is it gooey brie baked in a sour dough bread bowl but you can get garlic added in, too - my mouth is watering just thinking about it. So if you need a pick-me-up while you’re drinking away your day in wine, don’t forget to stop here.

Don’t Forget About Transportation

If theres one thing to remember from this blog, it’s do not plan on walking. The first time I went to Temecula my whole plan was to park my car at one winery and ‘hop’ my way to the next because I had heard that the wineries were all right next to each other. Well yes, they’re all in the same area but what I had failed to think about was the fact that a single winery is acres big - hello tons of grapes - which meant there was going to be acre long walks - that is not the vibe I was going for in my tall boots. So repeat after me, don’t plan to walk!

The next time we had planned to park the car at our first stop and uber from winery to winery - safe and sufficient we thought. This is a good plan except for the fact that Ubers can be sparse around here. That’s not to say you’ll never catch an uber but keep in mind that the wait times might be longer than you are used to if you’re coming from a more urban area.

There is always the option to secure a DD - and no I don’t mean designated drunk. Someone who might not be into drinking or doesn’t like wine but loves a good time!

However, my last - and personally favorite - option is to take a party bus. Trust me it’s worth it. Most of the time a party bus chauffeur includes a tasting at 3 select wineries. This means that the price you pay for the party bus experience includes wine tastings at specific wineries. This takes care of the transportation service and the hassle of purchasing a new wine tasting at each venue. While a party bus is not needed, it’s definitely a lot of fun. You can find great deals on groupon but my go to tour is always Moses Wine Tours with Socal Wine Tours.

Things To Make It Special

If you’re looking to heighten a big day I always suggest ordering sashes. These can be birthday sashes, bachelorette sashes, or just some good DIY-funny-inside-joke sashes for everyone to wear. Not only do these make great pictures but they also let the whole winery know you’re here to celebrate and have a good time!

Another favorite accessory of mine to bring to a wine tasting day is matching cups. When you’re cheersing with matching cups it reminds you all day long what you’re celebrating and who you’re here with - no one can get lost. Plus points if they’re decorated with names!

If you’re looking for something more low key than these above, try coordinating outfit colors. This is a perfect were-here-together statement that will also look great in the countless amounts of photos you’ll end up taking.

That’s all of my tips and trick to have the best day at the Temecula Wineries. What are some of your must see wineries near you?


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