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Packing. I’m already tired just thinking about packing next month. From packing to unpacking it can be so exhausting. Here are a few tips that I try - emphasis on try - to use each time I sit down to pack for a new trip!

1. Pack twice

I always tell myself I’m not going to over pack this time and - surprise to no one - I end up with a suitcase, backpack, extra bag of miscellaneous things, my pillow, my blanket, a camera bag, and my never-leave-the-house-without water bottle. All for an overnight quick trip to the beach. One packing trick I swear by now is packing twice.

My first pack is onto my bed. I layout what I want to bring and then once I finish I go back through the mess of clothes and only put the things I absolutely need into my suitcase. Sometimes as I’m packing - what I call the second time - I’m already wondering what was going through my head bringing this packable puffer jacket with me to the beach in mid July.

2. Packing cubes

I swear by these! I got my friend Brittany onto these packing cubes, too - and she’s traveled the world! It keeps your bag organized and mess free from when you leave the house till when you come back home! When I’m packing by bag - for what I call the second time - I always put my clothes into my packing cubes. These are essentially little boxes that hold onto all of my clothes in categories. I usually have a separate cube for underwear and bras, comfy clothes, cute clothes, and a bathing suit cube if needed! Depending on which packing cubes you buy you might end up with a cube or so left over that you can pack empty at the bottom of your bag for an easy dirty clothes carrier!

3. Pack your toiletries day of

Talk about waiting till the last minute - ahem, I am the queen of procrastination - but I promise this will make your life easier. I used to get so flustered and ruin my morning routine - I love a good morning routine - by packing my toiletries the night before. I’d wake up and be digging thru my already-packed-ready-to-go bag, making a huge disaster, all to grab that Liange lip mask that I needed to start the day - yes it’s almost more important than my daily chai. Instead, I started implementing a new strategy: packing my toiletries as I use them! Think about it, you won’t forget any small toiletry at home because you’ll be packing each one as you use it! If you like to use small portable containers - these are my favs - just use, fill, pack. That’s my motto: use it, fill it, pack it!

4. Make a list - and check it twice

Yes, I know we’ve heard it before but lists really do make that whole chapter of a difference. If I'm crunched on time - or I know that I’ll have a short amount of time to pack tomorrow - I’ll go to my notes app in my phone and create a packing list. I list out everything - and I mean everything. This helps me not forget anything for the trip. Pro tip: put phone charger on that list first - the worst is when you remember this as you’re cuddling into your airbnb! Then, after I pack I go back and check off everything that is already in the bag and ready to go. Somehow - no matter what I do - there’s always the last minute moment I’m grabbing the few things I have left on my list - music speaker almost always being one of them - and i’m ready to go!

5. Don’t pack last minute

Except for those toiletries! This is one of those things that I should take my own advice on - again, queen of procrastination. Don’t pack the last hour before you leave! Just don’t. do. it. You already know you’re going to be stressed out, sweaty, and in a panic the whole time. Instead give yourself double the time you think you’ll need. Not only will it make packing more fun but your organization and readiness will set you in a great mood for the trip ahead! Coming from me - the girl whose motto has been I’ll start packing when I get the “on my way” text - I promise you, just pack ahead of time!

Do you have any travel packing traditions you like to do?


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