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A morning routine is an ideal way to start your day. If you create it right, it can become a part of your daily self care activities! What better way to start each day off than by putting yourself first. Here are 3 steps to create and maintain your ideal morning routine.

Discover Your Goals

One of the first - maybe an obvious one - step to creating your ideal morning routine is to write down your goals. These are the main things that you want to accomplish in the morning before you start your day. Your morning goals are unique to you and your ideal lifestyle. Maybe you like your first step out of bed to be onto your yoga mat for a relaxing morning stretch. Maybe you head straight to your coffee machine before you even want to think about anything else.

You should try to be realistic with yourself and your ideal goals. Maybe you have a dream of being a marathon runner so you write down ‘3 mile run’ onto your morning routine wishlist. Well slow your roll, Sally! This can be your end goal - and write that down somewhere! Long term goals are always important. - but lets start with a 10 minute walk every morning and then continue to grow to that 3 mile run. The best part about creating your ideal morning routine is just that, its your ideal morning routine. It gives you room to grow. Once you create a habit you can continue to grow and before you know it you’ll be on mile 3 for the 5th time that week - before you’ve even had your coffee!

Decide On The Most Convenient Order For You

This is more important than you might think. Figure out what motivates you. Is it that cup of chai while you’re still rubbing sleep out of your eyes? Or is it the meditation moment you have when you’re sitting in shavasana on your yoga mat? Maybe its even putting on your favorite perfume - your signature scent! What ever it is, identify it and place it where it needs to be in your morning routine to help you get excited to start your day!

My motivation is my cup of chai with oat milk in the morning - I’m drooling just thinking about it. Some people might think that this means I would run to the kitchen first thing in the morning but actually I don’t! I know myself enough to know that I’ll grab that chai and decide to cuddle into bed for a little while longer to savor every last drop - I’ll rationalize anything for more sleep! So instead I put my chai savoring in the middle of my morning routine - it keeps me motivated enough to get up and start my day but it’s far enough into my morning routine that my excuses to sleep a little longer are far gone! That’s not to say that this is where you should place your motivating goal. Each morning routine will look different for each of us - because duh we’re different humans who are motivated in different ways, that’s what makes life so interesting. Maybe jumping on that meditation mat feet first out of bed will get you excited to start your day and help to create your ideal morning routine!

Finish Your Morning Routine For 3 Days In A Row

Habit. Make a habit out of your morning routine. I always say 3 is the lucky number. If I do something for 3 days straight the 4th day seems a little easier. If I do something for 3 weeks straight and then I forget to do it the following day? Something seems off. If I do something for 3 months straight it becomes second nature.

Plan on challenging yourself to 3 days straight of practicing your ideal morning routine. In reality, 3 days is not a ridiculous amount of time - if you plan it right it’s not even through the weekend! After you finish 3 days - and you find that this is your ideal morning routine - go for a 3 week challenge! You can do anything for 3 weeks. There’s 52 weeks in a year, give yourself 3 of them and that’s 49 other weeks this year to do whatever you want during the morning! After 3 weeks, - if you love your morning routine as much as I think you will - see if you want to try it for 3 months! Before you know it, your ideal morning routine will be a habitual activity that you can’t get rid of even if you tried - which hopefully you wont!

What are some of your goals for your ideal morning routine?


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