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Welcome to The Road She’s On!

I’m jazzy, a 25 year old with a love for travel and a wish to live a healthy lifestyle. I created The road she’s on to share my journey on finding that special balance between it all - oh and carving out time to cuddle my cat, Ben*. I like to create conversations that end up making us all see things from a new perspective - hello, growth


I try to share my tips and tricks on maintaining a healthy lifestyle that I’ve found along the way or that others have shared - their wisdom - with me! I am in no way an expert - a graduate of psychology from UCLA yes but expert, far from it - but more of an obsessor of learning the ins and outs of human ways! 


I have this love for travel and the knowledge you gain from it - about the world and about yourself! So I have a few travel guides, travel tips, and budget friendly travel hacks available in hopes that it helps you take on an experience you might not have done before!


Anyway, stick around and read a little - add to the conversation here and there! - because I’m so glad you’re here!

Jazzy Skye Bonelli Park Sunset Photo Laughing Smiling

xx  jazzy

ben *

Benjamin Jazzy Skye Grumpy Cat Persain Cat
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